《学会報告》第65回 国際外科学会日本支部総会(Florian Pecquenard)

令和元年6月22日(土)、東京都新宿区、京王プラザホテルにて第65回 国際外科学会日本支部総会が開催されました。以下は参加されたFlorian Pecquenard先生からの報告です。

The 2019 ICS meeting in Tokyo was the opportunity for me to have my first presentation at a congress. The congress comprised about 60 presentations mainly by young surgeons from all around Japan and from abroad for a few ones. Quality of the slides and of the English was further evaluated by an English native speaker.
I had the opportunity to present a work entitled: “Hassab’s procedure for portal hypertension with interrupted inferior vena cava; A case report”

At the end of my presentation, there were two questions from the commentators:
1) As Hassab’s procedure is becoming a rare procedure with the advances in endoscopic treatment, what are the indications of this procedure in your institution?
 We consider this technique in patients having portal hypertension complications refractory to medical / endoscopic treatment and with hypersplenism leading to pancytopenia.
2) Do you have any advice to give to young surgeons about this procedure?
 This procedure is performed in a context of portal hypertension thus increasing the risk of bleeding. It is our department policy to promote mini-invasive surgery but in these cases, instead of fully laparoscopic approach, hand assisted laparoscopic surgery is selected to allow better exposure and easier control in case of bleeding. Of course, prompt conversion to open procedure is to be kept in mind in case of important bleeding.

This was a very nice opportunity to get accustomed to oral presentation and I am looking forward to next meeting.