《抄読会》Huang Yu

Journal club 2018-4-12 Huang Yu

PMID: 28836688 DOI:10.1002/hep.29400

Title: Src kinase inhibition reduces inflammatory and cytoskeletal changes in ΔF508 human cholangiocytes and improves cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator correctors efficacy.

Journal: Hepatology 2018;67:972-988

Comments: this paper includes two main parts: 1) induced-cholangiocyte form human normal and patient iPSC, 2) investigation of the pathophysiology and the cure of CFLD using this human derived experimental model. Finally, the paper indicated that targeting Src kinase and decreasing inflammation may increase the efficacy of pharmacological therapies aimed at correcting the basic ΔF508 defect in CF liver patients.
These studies also demonstrate the promise of applying iPSC technology in modeling human cholangiopathies. CFTR may act as a master regulator of cholangiocyte function.
Personally, the methods used to induce iPSC-derived cholangiocytes may benefit to my research. It offered me a train of thought for induction the CLiP-derived cholangiocytes in the future.