2019年9月29日(日)、ホテルニュー長崎にて 「血液製剤によるHIV/HCV重複感染者に対する肝移植に関する研究」(江口班) 令和元年度第2回作業部会を開催致しました。

京都大学 海道利実先生、名古屋大学 小倉靖弘先生、成育医療センター 阪本靖介先生、琉球大学 高槻光寿先生、東京慈恵会医科大学 矢永勝彦先生と、肝移植領域で御活躍の先生方にお集まりいただき、今回は本班研究の発足前に全国の施設で肝移植を施行した症例に関しての情報を交換致しました。DAAなどの治療法もまだ確立されていない中での治療は非常に大変だったと思われます。教室として今後取り組むべき課題や新たな発見もあり、大変有意義な会となりました。



長崎大学病院 脳神経外科 伊木勇輔先生
長崎大学病院 病理分野 森亮一先生

公益社団法人 東京都医学総合研究所
生体分子先端研究分野 能卒中ルネサンスプロジェクト
プロジェクトリーダー 七田崇先生



客員研究医が中国から来られました!(Zhou Wei先生)

客員研究医として、中国からZhou Wei先生が2019年1月25日(月)~8月5日(月)まで来られました!




留学生として、UAE大学からAISHAH ALZAHMI先生、REEM AHBAB先生が令和元年7月8日(月)~8月2日(金)、7月22日(月)~8月2日(金)まで来られました!


大塚敏美奨学基金式に行ってきました!(HUANG YU)

As a candidate of the 2019 Otsuka Toshimi scholarship foundation, I have the honor to participate its ceremony taking place in Kobe form 2-3 August 2019. Here, I will simply report my impressions in attending this good ceremony.

At the first day, all the candidates including me gathered together in Osaka in the morning. Then we took a long journey to visit the Tokushima Itano factory and Otsuka Museum of Art in Tokushima. In the Otsuka Itano factory, I met their big working place. Their great believe “the Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide” impressed me the most. Under this thought, they made the word “Soylution”. It means the Otsuka Group will respond to global health and environmental problems with soybeans under the theme of Soylution: Soy + Solution. Three products SOYJOY, SOYSH and SoyCarat were made by them. In the art museum, many great art works are exhibited in this huge building. It is a visual feast with dazzling color and countless type of art.

On the second day, the award ceremony was held in Kobe Portopia Hotel. The representative director awarded us the certificates one by one. Followed by the ceremony, a toast party began. All the candidates together with all the staffs and representatives had a good time in this party for the delicious food, various drinks as well as performance donated by the multicultural students from all over the world.

By attending this ceremony, I get well communicated with other thoughts form the other side of the world. I also get well known of the initial thought of this foundation. What’s more, this journey it made me realize that only a good guiding ideology can make a factory gradually grow up. I would thank the Otsuka Toshimi foundation for lightening my financial burden and allowing me to continue to strive towards excellence in researches. Besides, I would also thank my professor and the second surgery group form the bottom of my heart. Without your help in my academic works and daily life in Japan, I can not go such a further way.